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Developmental Services

The Developmental Services Program  serves youth and adults with developmental disabilities who experience intensive behavioral needs that limit that their ability to lead autonomous, fulfilling lives.  Often, our program moves people for the first time from lives of crisis and instability to lives of safety and growth.  We aim to help those in our care to discover and believe in a life worth living.  To do this, our supports are fully individualized based on each person’s assessed needs.  We meet people where they are, and then help them to move toward their identified goals and dreams.


Our approach is grounded in evidence-based best practices including but not limited to Person-Centered Thinking©, positive behavior supports, behavioral analysis, DBT, human development, and trauma-informed care.   Supports within the IBSP are tightly integrated across all relevant domains including health, residential, service coordination, employment, and community support.  Treatment and program decisions are driven by the individual’s goals, and are informed by formal and informal assessment data.


Our leadership team has more than sixty years of collective experience saving and building meaningful lives, with expertise in areas including autism, mental health, best practices for individuals with problematic sexual behavior, and teaching and learning.  At all times, we carefully balance safety with opportunity.

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